Which Phone Should I Get?

OK, I need some help here:

I’m currently using a Motorola Razr which was razd from the dead by Neil after Carolyn abandoned it as unsalvageable. It replaced my Palm Treo 650, which has been sitting in a drawer ever since it decided that it no longer wanted to transmit sound–a job requirement that, for a phone, is decidedly non-optional. (The Treo 650 I’ve got now is also the 4th of its breed–the previous 3 being warranty-repaired when they all decided to stop working in various ways. Unfortunately, the warranty on Treo 650 Mach IV had expired, and there just seemed to be no sense throwing more money down that particular rathole). Sorry, Palm, but I’m over you. Update: A hat tip to Palm Tech Support.

Anyway, my Razr, despite being a perfectly good phone, is getting decidedly long in the tooth, and a recent crack to the external LED screen (tip: don’t bike to work with your keys and your cellphone in the same pocket) made me decide it’s time to upgrade.

I checked my phone account at AT&T today, and to my astonishment, found out that my contract is up–meaning that I’m absolutely free to either re-up (including a new phone), or move elsewhere. So here’s my question to you: what phone would you suggest for someone who wants:

– Excellent phone performance (reception, call quality)

– Contact transfer from Outlook

– The ability to be used outside of the U.S.

– Light internet usage (I’m amazed by some of the things iPhones can do, but I don’t want to pay big bucks for an internet plan I don’t use often. The absolute max I think I’d ever consider would be $30/mo. for phone internet services).

– Music/GPS are nice, but not essential (I’ve already got a GPS in my car, and an iPod 160 with my whole library loaded up).

(As a bonus, whatever phone I do pick is likely to wind up with ComicBase export support for it (if it doesn’t have it already), because I definitely want to be able to keep my title lists on it!)

14 responses to “Which Phone Should I Get?

  1. Hello,

    I am a fellow comic collector and I have been in the cell phone industry for almost 10 years. I have owned a cell phone store for 3 weeks short of 8 years. The phone I would recommend to you is the Blackberry 8830 for US Cellular (that is who I am an agent for), Verizon or Alltel. These are all CDMA network carriers. The 8830 is a world phone. Basically when you are out of the united states you pop in a pre-paid sim card (available at all major airports abroad) and you use whomever’s GSM network. (no data would be available, other than text). You have the ability to sync Outlook with the 8830, internet, incorporate up to 10 email address in this one device.

    Here are some of the major specs from my website:

    CDMA2000 1x (Digital)
    Talk Time over 3.6 hours
    Standby Time Up 9 days
    Weight : Approximately 4.6 ounces
    Dimensions : 4.49 x 2.6 x .55 inches Basic Features
    High Resolution Color Display (320 x 240 pixels)
    Trackball Navigation with ESC & Menu Key
    Backlit 35-key QWERTY keyboard, dedicated Send, End, Convenience, Power and Mute Keys
    Bluetooth 2.0 capable
    64 MB Flash Memory
    Expandable Memory (MicroSD)
    Built in speakerphone
    Media Player (Video/Audio)
    Synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks between your handheld & desktop
    Password protection & keyboard lock
    Compose, send & receive e-mail


    Travel charger
    User guide
    Stereo Headset

    I have a few questions to ask you?

    1. What city in the country do you live in?
    2. Does ComicBase require a windows environment?
    3. How is AT&T reception where you are living?

    I am new back to collecting and have some questions about the industry. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning your phone concerns. I do better talking than typing, email me your phone # (because I assume this will be posted to the public) and maybe we can help each other out.
    God Bless, Tim

  2. Michael Farrah

    I work for Sprint which eliminates most of there phones since they don’t work overseas. There are two phones that Sprint has that do the Blackberry 8830 and the Samsung Ace. I don’t think the Blackberry will work with Comicbase but the Samsung will. If you didn’t need the overseas option I would say a Windows Mobile based phone (for use with Comicbase) or or a Samsung or LG handset (GSM handset (Att or T-mobile or one from another carrier that has international roaming) if you do. I personally have the Sprint Touch which works great with Comicbase (windows based) and a Sanyo M1 which works great for reception (Sanyos are know for this). I don’t know what reception is like where you are so I can’t comment on that but I hope this info helps.

  3. HTC Titan 2
    Does absolutely everything including sat nav.
    Expanadable using micro SD card to 8gb, but when higher spec cards come (soo), 32gb.

  4. Richard Padilla

    Read this about you phone problems and knw I could help. You should have your replacement tomorrow. My techs will be ready to assist you for any of your needs.
    Shane is now your personal Treo Tech.


  5. A 3rd vote for the Blackberry 8830 World Edition from Verizon – by far the best phone I’ve had so far in all categories – sound quality, easy of use, syncing with Outlook and anything else I’ve wanted it to do…

  6. Pete,

    You should really consider an iPhone! A native ComicBase App that could be purchased through the App store would be great! As I’m purchasing my comics each week, right from the comic store, I could enter which comics I’ve purchased and that could sync right back into ComicBase. Sweet!

    Give an iPhone a try out at your local Apple Store and consider the possibilities.


  7. Sprint Mogul has excellent features and capabilities. I recommend using it with a bluetooth ear piece. For $15.00 per month data plan, you can use it for internet, or hook your laptop up to it and use it as a broadband modem. The speed is pretty comparable to a broadband home/office connection.

  8. I love my iphone! I had been on windows mobile for years – but the new iphone 3G eliminates me carrying around a number of gadgets.

  9. iPhone, Hands Down! I do a text transfer to my iPhone and I can keep my whole database with me when I go comic book shopping or just to make sure I haven’t skipped any issues. I used to do the same on my Palm, but the iPhone makes it so much cooler.

  10. iPhone hands out, I switch phones more often then some change socks. In the last year I have gone through 8 phones. My iPhone 3G 16gb, is by far the best phone I have owned and used.

  11. iPhone NO QUESTION! I’ve had IPAQ and Blackberry and Palm and none of these match up with new iPhone.

    You get excellent phone performance (reception, call quality). I’m in a crappy phone area and this is the first phone that has worked for me at home.

    – Contact transfer from Outlook is seemless. For multiple accounts no less.

    – The ability to be used outside of the U.S. I used mine in Europe during a recent trip, no problems. There are some additional fees but they can be minimized nicely.

    – Internet and data access is $20 a month..period… on the iPhone.

    – Music/GPS are both available on the iPhone and fully compatible with your iPod music library and existing iTunes Library.

    – Finally, the new apps features on the iPhone make this a no brainer. You can develop a very sophisticated ComicBase and/or Atomic Avenue interface easily.

    -Plus check out all the free apps. Some are great and allow access to PayPal, eBay and other handy places. New one just out allows VOICE DIALING!!! Very cool!!!

  12. The iPhone is leaps and bounds above any other “Smart Phone” and has been the biggest selling phone in the last 12 months. You’ll get one eventually anyway. Might as well get one now.

  13. Samsung Omnia i900 16Gb, just become available in UK, iphone style interface, further expandable using microsd to 32 gb. Five mega pixel camera -beats iphone hands down.

  14. I have the verizon voyager and it’s a great phone. The internet usage is free on the nationwide plans and the tactile feel of the keyboard is great (never did like the feel of the glass keyboard on the iPhone.)

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