Batman: The Dark Knight

If you had trouble reaching us this afternoon, it’s because the company was all out seeing Batman: The Dark Knight. (Yes, there are some advantages to working at a comic book software company).

My take: 4 stars out of five, and easily one of the best comic book films I’ve seen in years. Of the Batman films, I liked it second best to the very first Tim Burton one. (Who can forget seeing Burton’s Gortham City for the first time?).

Acting-wise, Ledger stole the film—his Joker was great. I won’t do any spoilers here, but he’s just so well-written and played that you can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. He absolutely nailed the Dark Knight-era version of the character. The rest of the cast was solid, but they just didn’t have the same on-screen fascination for me.

So why not five stars? For me, it comes down to editing. Unless you’re prepared for it ahead of time, the sheer length of the film can get a bit tiring. Had they found a way to shave 30-40 minutes off (particularly by trimming the second act), it would have been a stronger film. As such, it takes on a bit of a Godfather tone—both in scope and, unfortunately, in running time.


2 responses to “Batman: The Dark Knight

  1. The_Main_Street_Avenger

    Outside of the usual entertainment media, the consensus from the general public is that this movie is a plotless, terribly acted rip-off waste of money and 3 hours of your viewing life, so that tells me I should keep hold of my cash and wait for something else better to come along. No contest.

  2. You think it was long in the theaters. Wait till the extended Director’s cut.It wil probably come on 20 DVDs , and you may have to take three days off just to watch it at home!

    Hollywood is forgetting something that George Lucas, and many directors used to understand. For years studies show that 2 hours is the optimum for keeping any groups full attention. That is why in the past looong movies in the 60’s had intermissions, the most recent example of this was Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet.

    (And if anyone wants to PM me on the CB boards I can tell you as a disabled person the extraordinary efforts I went to so I was able to sit and see the whole movie without having to leave the theater during the movie.)

    And TMSA,
    that is not what I have heard or experienced in the case of my non-comic fan friends and neighbors.


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