Pandora Comes to the Playstation 3!

The latest firmware update for the PS3, 2.53, comes with a note that it allows for support of full-screen Flash movies. What it doesn’t say—but which is far more important—is that it fixes their browser so that Pandora ( now works on the PS3!

If you missed the previous post on it, Pandora is an amazing free internet service which specializes in bringing you music like the music you like. For instance, if you tell it you like the band “She Wants Revenge”, it’ll create a personalized radio station which features that band—along with dozens of other groups which share similar characteristics. You can even vote “thumbs up” to a given song to tell it to play more music like that one, or “thumbs down” to make sure it never plays that screechy Alanis Morissette tune or that meandering 9 minute electronica exploration again. In short, it’s everything you wished “real radio” was.

And now—thanks to the unlikely marriage of a game console and our living room’s AV receiver—we can now listen to our own customized internet radio stations in the main entertaining area of our home. Awesome!


15 responses to “Pandora Comes to the Playstation 3!

  1. Yes! Thanks for alerting me to this. I’m so in love with Pandora, I was about to spring $400 for a Squeezebox Duet. But with my PS3, I’ve now got it covered!

    I did notice that when I attempt to open a second page (like to read more details about an artist) I get URL not found. And the music stops playing on the tuner page when the second page is active. Evidently with the current release, the PS3 browser can only run Flash in one window at a time. Too bad, but I’m still very happy.


  2. If only PS3 would support a Pandora widget like Vista

  3. Nice! I just found this. Thank You. I would never have thought to try this.. but I think pandora is going to be playing on my ps3 a lot!

  4. how do I conncect to my log onto my pandora existing account to show on my playstation 3. I just bought a new system tv,blu-ray -samsung. So can I also have it on all my other tv’s I purchased my ps3 about a couple of years ago.

  5. I think this is great. I hope it gives me upgraded quality with my paid for account.

  6. I just tried this out tonight. Works great, except I have to use the wireless control rather than the remote. It’s nice to have another use for my PS3 besides Netflix, although Netflix is Awesome!

  7. My in-laws just got a Sony Blue Ray player that has a menu almost exactly like the PS3, and it comes with an actual App for Pandora already installed on it, it’s awesome! PS3 has no excuse for not bringing this to their customers.

  8. it would really kick ass if pandora was on ps3

  9. just wish i didnt have to go to my browser just to access pandora but its ok 4 now since i have the app on my android phone

  10. Pandora absolutely does work on the ps3! Having trouble…use pandora mobile on ur ps3!

  11. The only problem is the lack of movement on the screen which could burn in. The ads don’t even cycle through. Anyone know of a solution to this?

  12. @Melissa – It’s an Internet RADIO. Just turn the screen off. The PS3 lets you configure your Video and Sound outputs separately. I run HDMI video from the PS3 to my flat screen, and run the sound directly to my home stereo system amplifier. Start up PS3, launch Pandora, turn the TV off, and I have amplified radio.

  13. Pandora wont work on my ps3 anymore

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