Coming Soon: ComicBase 14

It’s a big one…a really big one… and it’s coming up soon.

We’re just now putting the final touches on the amazingly cool ComicBase 14, and I, for one am tremendously excited.

For one, I’ll finally be able to open my big mouth soon about the amazing things we’ve been cooking up for the past year. My Facebook friends may have caught a couple of clues as to what we’ve been up to, but for the most part, we’ve been pretty good about keeping the new version’s feature set under wraps so we can have a proper “reveal” at launch time. And that date is coming up very, very soon indeed!

Watch this space: lots more to come!


One response to “Coming Soon: ComicBase 14

  1. Question: I just renewed my subscription and got the Comicbase “13” while you prep for CB 14. Will I still get the CB 14 download without having to pay again under my current subscription? Also, will you be changing the themesong on the disc? It’s time for something different and upbeat, no offense. I do love Comic Base, it’s the best system out there no matter what.

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